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Using eDirectory to Put the Avocent DSR2161 KVM Switch to Work

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By Chris Drab, Rudy Benischke

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Posted: 11 Sep 2002

The Avocent IP-based DSR2161 KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) switch is a powerful and useful tool for managing servers, especially if they are spread across different locations. Unfortunately, out of the box, the DSR2161 is only compatible in a Windows environment, limiting its use in heterogeneous networks.

Our company, Goldtech Computer Systems Ltd., has researched and tested a method that enables the Avocent DSR2161 to work in a Novell eDirectory/NetWare 6 environment.

In order to integrate an Avocent DSR2161 KVM switch into a Novell environment, a Microsoft Windows 2000 Server with Active Directory must also be present because the Avocent DS Administration software needs Windows NT or 2000 for authentication.

This paper will concentrate on using Windows 2000 as it integrates well with Novell eDirectory and Account Management. With eDirectory and Account Management in place, any user and group created in Novell will be replicated into Microsoft Active Directory and can be accessed by the DS Admin program.

These instructions assume that a NetWare 6 network is already in place. Please note these instructions are not applicable to earlier versions of NetWare.

This paper references the following Novell web pages:

Step 1) Build the Windows 2000 Server

  1. Install Windows 2000 with all patches
  2. Install Active Directory

Step 2) Obtain the necessary Novell software

  1. Obtain the following software from Novell at
  2. Account Management 2.1 (this is not downloadable, and must be purchased from a Novell reseller)
  3. Account Management 2.1 SP1 ( AMW2KSP1.EXE )
  4. eDirectory 8.6.2 ( EDIR_862_FULL_NT.EXE )
  5. Novell International Cryptographic Infrastructure (NICI) modules
  6. Version 1.57 ( WCNICIU0.EXE )
  7. Version 2.40 ( WCNICIU0.EXE )
  8. eDirectory 8.6.2 ( EDIR_862_FULL_NT.EXE )
  9. DirXML Schema patch ( DXNTP1.EXE )
  10. SnapIns from Novell for Account Management, DirXML
  11. Novell Client 4.8.3 or newer

Step 3) Install the latest Novell client onto the W2K Server

  1. Must be at least version 4.8.3
  2. Choose Custom Installation
  3. Choose to install TCP/IP only

Step 4) Install Directory Services 8.6.2

  1. Expand EDIR_862_FULL_NT.EXE and run SETUP from the NT directory
  2. Install eDirectory and Console 1.3.3, do not install SLP
  3. Install into current Netware tree and existing server container
  4. NOTE: When configuring LDAP, choose ports 390 and 637 for the clear text and encrypted TCP ports respectively. Also choose Clear Text Passwords
  5. Install all the SnapIns for ConsoleOne.
  6. NOTE: The LDAP service will not start automatically on the Windows 2000 server. You will have to start it manually the first time:
  7. Go to the Control Panel / NDS Services
  8. Start NLDAP.DLM

Step 5) Install NICI version 1.5.7

  1. Shutdown Novell Directory Services from the NDS Services control panel applet.
  3. Reboot.

Step 6) Install NICI version 2.4.0

  1. Shutdown Novell Directory Services from the NDS Services control panel applet.
  3. Reboot.

Step 7) Install DirXML patch

  1. Expand DXNTP1.EXE into a directory.
  2. Install from the NDS Services control panel applet by starting INSTALL.DLM.
  3. Choose Install additional schema files.
  4. Authenticate as the Novell Admin users.
  5. Browse to the directory that contains VRSCHEMA.SCH

Step 8) Install Account Manager 2.1

  1. Copy Account Manager 2.1 from the CD to the local drive for speed (AM21NT folder).
  2. Extract or Unzip the Account Management SP1 (specifically NAMUPD.ZIP) to the root where the Account Management CD was copied too. When prompted, choose to overwrite existing files.
  3. Run SETUP.
  4. Choose Synchronize Active Directory with eDirectory.
  5. Do not overwrite the newer files.
  6. Select the AD Domain to be synchronized with the eDirectory tree.
  7. Select the radio button describing that this is the first domain in an Active Directory forest to be synchronized with eDirectory.
  8. Create the DirXML driver set and the context where you would like it created.
  9. Ignore the error that might show up and hit next.
  10. Add the administrative user that the DirXML driver is equivalent too.
  11. Put the Forest object in the Organization container or create an Organizational Unit (OU) specifically for it.
  12. Create the necessary associations between Active Directory and eDirectory Users.
  13. Create the Password Synchronization object in one of the containers. A good idea would be to create it in the OU created above.
  14. Password_Sync
  15. Network_services container
  16. Add its trustee to the Organizational level.
  17. Add the password synchronization filter on the Domain Controller.
  18. Reboot.

Step 9) Install ConsoleOne SnapIns

  • Install the SnapIn for DirXML, NT Directory Integration SnapIns, and Account Management for Windows.
  • Unzip the SnapIn Zip files into the Novell\consoleone\1.2 directory.

By following these nine steps, an Avocent DSR2161 IP KVM switch should now function in a NetWare 6 environment.

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