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NetVision Updates Monitoring Tools

Novell Cool Solutions: Feature
By Dave Kearns

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Posted: 11 Sep 2002

In a recent NetWork World Fusion newsletter, Dave Kearns revisits a few of the stellar offerings from the NetVision product line.

Here's an excerpt:

ServerAlert, an add-on to DirectoryAlert, can protect network data and servers from attacks both from within your enterprise and from malicious crackers outside your business.
The well-known network analysts at the Aberdeen Group called ServerAlert and DirectoryAlert "invaluable tools for reinforcing business partner confidence and preventing costly accesses that lead to stolen files or malicious attacks."
ServerAlert monitors Novell servers for file usage (open, create, modify, delete). This means that suspicious activity can be monitored in real-time at either the file or directory level. ServerAlert will also monitor and report on who is accessing servers remotely, an important deterrent to potential malicious attacks on servers from outsiders. Finally, ServerAlert will monitor the loading and unloading of server applications and even low-memory problems.

Read Dave's full report here:

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