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Directory Primer: NDS Error Types

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By Kevin Burnett

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Posted: 11 Sep 2002

There's a new AppNotes piece that sheds light on those sometimes cryptic error messages eDirectory sometimes throws our way. If you want to "broaden your eDirectory horizons" read on.

Here's what the article covers:

To successfully support Novell Directory Services, you need to understand the types of conditions that can cause an NDS error to occur.
First of all, a Novell error code is a hexadecimal or decimal number that is usually displayed within an error message for an application. When an error code is displayed, most often it indicates that a software or hardware error has occurred that does not allow eDirectory, NetWare, or some other Novell product to continue operating.
Many error codes display only a few digits of the hexadecimal error code. Often a number code is truncated to two digits, so it is not the actual decimal equivalent or the hexadecimal code.
  • Informational Errors
  • Communication Errors
    • LAN/WAN Failures
    • Informational Communication Errors
  • Data Consistency Errors

Here's where it gets covered:

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