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Novell Import Conversion Export Utility Examples

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Posted: 31 Oct 2002

The Novell Import Conversion Export utility lets you ...

  • Import data from LDIF files to an LDAP directory.
  • Export data from the LDAP directory to an LDIF file.
  • Migrate data between LDAP servers.
  • Perform a schema compare and update.
  • Load information into eDirectory using a template.

The Novell Import Conversion Export utility manages a collection of handlers that read or write data in a variety of formats. Source handlers read data; destination handlers write data. A single executable module can be both a source and a destination handler. The engine receives data from a source handler, processes the data, then passes the data to a destination handler.

Listed below are sample commands that can be used with the Novell Import Conversion Export command line utility for the following functions:

To read more about the Novell Import Conversion Export Utility, check out the full set of documentation here.

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