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Managing User Accounts with ConsoleOne

Novell Cool Solutions: Feature
By Kevin Burnett

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Posted: 31 Oct 2002

Senior research engineer Kevin Burnett shows us how to tap into the power of ConsoleOne to manage user accounts.

Here's an excerpt:

In previous months, we have discussed the administration basics of the ConsoleOne management utility. This month we will start a discussion on how to manage user accounts with ConsoleOne.
Creating a Novell eDirectory user account involves creating a User object and setting properties to control the user's login and network environment. You have the flexibility of using a Template object to make completion of these tasks easier.
You can create login scripts to allow users to be connected automatically to the files, printers, and other network resources they need when they log in. If several users use the same resources, you can put the login script commands in container and profile login scripts.

Here's what else Kevin covers in this informative piece:

  • Creating User Accounts
  • Creating a User Object
  • Creating a User Template
  • Setting Up Optional Account Features
  • Setting Up Login Scripts
  • Creating a Login Script
  • Assigning a Profile to a User
  • Login Time Restrictions for Remote Users

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