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eDirectory 8.7 Ships With a Laundry List of New Features

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Posted: 7 Nov 2002

Novell recently started shipping eDirectory 8.7. Here's a whole collection of info we've pulled together for you:

Here's the reader's digest version of what's new:

  • New Web and Wireless-Accessible Administration Utility
    Novell iManager is a Web-enabled and wireless device enabled administration utility. iManager allows full administration of all directory functions via Web browser. Advanced features, such as role-based administration, are easily accessed via iManager's browser interface. (To learn more about iManager, check out Keeping eDirectory Management Simple with iManager).

  • New Role-Based Administration
    Role-Based Administration presents users with a custom administration interface that contains only those elements they are authorized to use. Instead of requiring an inherent understanding of directories, and the management tasks available in the directory, users are instead of presented with a set of tasks that match their role. Users with no specific role can use the same interface and are presented with the default tasks associated with all users such as changing their own password.

  • Support for IBM AIX
    eDirectory 8.7 fully supports implementation on the IBM AIX hardware platform.

  • Improved Backup and Restore
    New features have been added to eDirectory that allow for a live continuous backup of the directory. This feature allows organizations to backup large directories in the flow without having to lock the directory during backup.

  • Event Publishing via LDAP
    eDirectory 8.7 defines several directory-related events such as change operations on individual entries and their attributes, and partition and replica operations. The new event engine is capable of responding to LDAP queries. The rights of the requesting user object controls access to each event.

    This functionality can support external eDirectory monitoring, auditing and automating of infrastructure changes as well as automating business logic.

  • Enhanced Performance and Replication
    eDirectory 8.7 includes enhanced LDAP performance and partition replication functions to improve directory scalability and speed.

  • SNMP Management Support
    Novell eDirectory now supports SNMP management features to integrate directory monitoring into common industry-standard management and monitoring tools such as HP Openview.

  • New Persistent Search Capabilities
    Support for persistent search capabilities in Novell eDirectory 8.7 allow LDAP clients and or applications to receive notifications of changes that are made on the eDirectory server. This feature allows developers to create applications that make a single query to the directory, receive the results, and receive updates on that query.

  • New Dynamic Group Management
    While the primary mechanism for management in Novell eDirectory is the hierarchy, most organizations also need to use groups to help manage their environments. Novell eDirectory 8.7 supports a feature called dynamic groups. Dynamic groups allow administrators to dynamically manage group membership through the use of policies. An example use of this functionality would be an administrator creating a group that grants executives access to particular resources. With the new dynamic groups, the administrator would simply create the group and grant it access, then set a policy to dynamically grant membership to any user who has manager, director or vice-president as their title.

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