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Provisioning Access to Network Assets

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By Linda Kennard

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Posted: 7 Nov 2002

Here's a new piece by Novell Connection's Linda Kennard that spells out how the newly-released "Nsure Resources" can give your provisioning plan a jump-start.

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Here's an excerpt:

A system that automates the processes of creating, modifying, and deleting user-identity information could save your company a lot of money. After all, such a system requires you to enter and manage user identity information only once in one system, rather than several times in several systems. Equally (if not more) important, such a system decreases the amount of time it takes to provide or provision access to network resources and thus increases productivity. Hence, this type of system is commonly called an employee provisioning system.
Burton Group analyst Kevin Kampman confirms your suspicions that provisioning systems provide "legitimate opportunities for return on investment [ROI] in the short term." (Burton Group is an IT research, consulting, and advisory firm. For more information, visit In fact, Kampman says, short-term benefits are only the most tangible benefits of provisioning systems, which offer arguably more significant long-term benefits. (For more information, see "In the Long Run.")
If provisioning systems offer quantifiable short-term ROIs (not to mention less quantifiable but equally real long-term benefits), why hasn't your company implemented one? Novell believes that at least one reason you haven't started setting up a provisioning system is that you just don't know where to start. Enter Novell Nsure Resources, one of several products in Novell's secure identity management (SIM) solution.
Released in October, Nsure Resources shows you where and how to start. Nsure Resources jump-starts the process of implementing a system that enables you to quickly provision access to the resources users need to be productive. This system is hereafter called a provisioning system.

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