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Benchmarks: Why Do We Need Them?

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By Kevin Burnett

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Posted: 12 Dec 2002

Do benchmarks come into play as much as they used to in the sales cycle? Novell Appnotes' Kevin Burnett explores the meaning of ... benchmarks.

Here's an excerpt of his article:

We've now entered the 21st century; where are we now? Does speed still make the best network operating system? No, not necessarily, as Novell has found out. Today, things like being able to host a Web site, Internet connectivity, and an application server are big. Speedy file and print just don't matter as much anymore. So one could postulate that benchmarks do not serve the same purpose today as they did a decade ago--or do they?

Most everybody that reads this column realizes that eDirectory is by leaps and bounds the best directory currently available. But what makes eDirectory so good? Is reading marketing collateral good enough? Is word of mouth good enough? Is listening to a salesperson adequate?

I would like to suggest that this is not enough. I would like to suggest that benchmarks are more important than ever in this day and age in determining which directory is best, fastest, and most extensible--all big buzzwords in describing directories today. Let me use the scientific method to prove my postulate.

Here's what he covers:

  • The First Test: Platform Support and Compatibility
  • The Second Test: Performance
  • The Third Test: Reliable Service
  • Benchmark Summary

Here's were you can read the whole shebang:

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