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Administering Rights in ConsoleOne: Part 2

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By Jeff Fischer

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Posted: 12 Dec 2002

Here's an informative follow up article that touches on the finer points of administering user rights with ConsoleOne.

Here's an excerpt:

eDirectory rights have the same purpose as file system rights. Many similarities exist and a few differences also. Just as file system rights control access to objects in the file system such as folders and files, eDirectory rights control access to objects within the eDirectory tree such as users, containers, groups, application objects, and printers.

As network administrator, you use eDirectory rights to grant or deny access to network resources including printers, servers, applications, container objects and others. A solid understanding of rights is fundamental to properly controlling access to the network and avoiding network security problems. It is necessary for each network user to have sufficient rights to perform their job, but they should not have additional rights to network resources that they do not need to access. If users have more rights than necessary, it could pose a security risk by a user intentionally or unintentionally accessing or changing network resources.

Here's how to get to the full article:

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