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Configuring SLP with a Scoped Directory Agent

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Posted: 27 Jan 2003

Here's a good chunk of information from the AppNotes Team about SLP and Scoped Directory Agents. Get to the full article from the URL below.

Here's an excerpt:

SLP (Service Location Protocol) does for IP what SAP (Service Advertising Protocol) does for IPX. SLP, in the default configuration, uses multicasts to discover IP services on the network. This works very well in non-routed environments. If the system contains a router that blocks these multicasts, or with a very large routed environment, SLP needs to be configured to use unicasts instead of multicasts. This requires the use of an SLP Directory Agent (DA).
The DA acts as a directory of IP services on a network. As a server's IP services become available, the server contacts the DA and informs it of the existence of these new services. When the services are halted, the server again notifies the DA. Whenever a server or workstation wants to find a service, it asks the DA for the information.
SLP is intended for use with NetWare versions 5.0 and higher. There is no need to configure lower versions of NetWare when these instructions are followed.

Read the details at:

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