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Novell's Gillette Tactic?

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By Dave Kearns

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Posted: 10 Feb 2003

Dave Kearns, the man behind the Network World Directories Newsletter, wrote in a recent newsletter that Novell's strategy of giving away eDirectory has had an impact on sales of Sun's iPlanet directory. Here's an excerpt from the newsletter:

For years, a number of people have urged Novell to, in essence, give away eDirectory as a "Gillette marketing" tool. It was King Gillette who is credited with the tactic of giving away the razor so that he could sell users the blades. One of the reasons Novell's vice chairman, Chris Stone, left the company for a while was his advocacy of the Gillette marketing idea. He was a champion of giving away the directory and then selling directory-enabled applications. One of the first things he did upon returning to the venerable networking company was to put this theory into practice. At least according to Sun, the tactic is working beyond Stone's wildest dreams.

Here's where to go for the full story:

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