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Novell Announces DSML Support; Makes DSML Code, Tools, Available for Free

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Posted: 26 Feb 2003

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Directory Experts Conference) - Feb. 11, 2003 ? Novell is making it easier for developers to connect Web services with Novell eDirectory, to add a foundation for secure identity management to their applications. The company today announced that Novell eDirectory now supports the Directory Services Markup Language (DSML v2) standard, which provides access to eDirectory using common Web services protocols. Novell has also released its new DSML code to the open source community.

DSML bridges the gap between developing to Web services and developing to a directory. With it, traditional LDAP directory operations and their results can be expressed in XML; so application developers who are familiar with developing using XML and SOAP can now add directory functionality to their applications using tools they already know.

"Secure identity management is the missing link for Web services; and secure identity management begins with a directory," said Justin Taylor, chief strategist for directory services at Novell. "Adding support for DSML v2 to eDirectory enables Web services developers to take advantage of a highly scalable user identity store without learning an entirely new programming methodology. Naturally, that's a tremendous benefit to the developers, as well as the companies they support, for whom time to market is always crucial."

DSML support for Novell eDirectory is available today to developers and can be downloaded for free by going to Novell's DSML code is also available to the open source community at In addition, by downloading DSML support, developers can also receive Novell's Web services engine, jBroker Web, and the Novell exteNd WorkBench development environment, giving them the tools they need to begin building applications immediately.

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