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More iMonitor Basics

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By Kevin Burnett

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Posted: 26 Feb 2003

Check here to get a full account of Kevin's iMonitor Basics:

Here's a sample of what's on the agenda:

Viewing Trace Option Information
From the Trace Configuration page, you can configure trace settings. NDS iMonitor's DS Trace is a server-centric feature. That is, it can only be initiated on a server where NDS iMonitor is running.
If you need to access this feature on another server, you must switch to the NDS iMonitor that is running on that server. As you upgrade servers to eDirectory 8.5 or later, iMonitor's server-centric features will be more available to you.
To access information on the Trace Configuration page, you must be the equivalent of Administrator on the server or a console operator. You are prompted to enter your username and password so your credentials can be verified before you can access information on this page.

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