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Posted: 8 Apr 2003

Novell eDirectory Tools and Diagnostics (Course 3007) is a practical skills course. It focuses on preventing, troubleshooting, and solving common problems related to eDirectory 8.7 communication, synchronization, caching, and replication processes, and on such integral tasks as server maintenance, database backup and disaster prevention and recovery.

This course provides opportunities to perform eDirectory installation and upgrade tasks, and tree design and health check procedures. All these are performed in both a NetWare only and a multi-platform environment using the latest web-based eDirectory administration tools: iMonitor and iManager.

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Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this course students should be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Identify eDirectory 8.7 Features
  • Install and Upgrade eDirectory 8.7
  • Implement Design Guidelines to Prevent eDirectory Issues
  • Describe eDirectory Background Processes
  • Perform an eDirectory Health Check
  • Use Troubleshooting Steps and Tools to Resolve eDirectory Issues:
    • Time Synchronization Issues
    • Communication Issues
    • Data Synchronization Issues
    • eDirectory Performance Issues
    • Server Maintenance Issues
    • Schema Synchronization Issues
    • eDirectory Rights Issues

Course Prerequisites
Students be familiar with NetWare, Linux and Windows 2000 should have knowledge and experience with the following:

  • eDirectory Management basics
    • Directory Services
    • eDirectory Roles/Benefits
    • Composition
    • Object Classes
    • Flow and Design
    • Tools
    • User object management
    • Rights Management
  • eDirectory Design and Implementation
    • Design Process
    • Tree design principles
    • eDirectory installation
    • Building a tree
    • User environment factors
    • Partitioning and replication
    • Network services strategies
    • Tree merging
    • Business design and implementation issues

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