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iManager 1.5 Overview and Installation

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By Jeff Fischer

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Posted: 21 Apr 2003

The following is an excerpt from Jeff Fischer's AppNotes article. To read the full article, go here

iManager is a new utility with NetWare 6 and v1.5 is the latest iManager version. iManager offers several advantages to network administrators; version 1.5 adds more functionality over previous versions. iManager is used to manage, maintain, and monitor eDirectory. Its purpose is similar to ConsoleOne and NWAdmin utilities, but has its differences and benefits from those tools.

iManager is a browser-based tool which is integrated with the Apache web server. You access the tool by typing a URL into your web browser address bar. This allows you to administer your eDirectory tree from anywhere. You don't have to be inside the firewall of the company to administer the eDirectory tree as you previously had to with ConsoleOne and NWAdmin.

This also allows you to manage the eDirectory tree from a wired or non-wired network, such as a wireless network. This gives you the ability to manage the eDirectory from anywhere over any type of network. All you need is a connection to the Internet and you can manage the tree.

What Gets Covered:

  • Role Based, Not Rights Based
  • What Is a Role?
  • Installation
  • NetWare Installation
  • Windows 2000 Installation
  • Linux Installation
  • Accessing iManager

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