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iMonitor's Modes of Operation

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By Duane Buss, Steve McLain, Tom Doman

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Posted: 29 Apr 2003

Sit in with some of the iMonitor engineers as they look at the two basic modes of NDS iMonitor in this AppNotes Article: Direct mode and Proxy mode. Direct mode is used when gathering information from the immediate physical server that iMonitor is running on. Proxy mode is used when NDS iMonitor is gathering information about a server that is different from the one that it is running on.

Key features of direct mode include:

  • Full server-centric feature set.
  • Reduced network bandwidth (faster access than proxy).
  • Access by proxy still available for older versions of NDS.

Key features of proxy mode include:

  • Not every server in the tree must be running NDS iMonitor in order to use most of iMonitor features.
  • Only one server is required to be upgraded to eDirectory 8.5 or later.
  • There is a single point of access for dial-in.
  • You can access iMonitor over a slower speed link while iMonitor accesses NDS information from other servers over higher speed links.
  • Previous NDS versions are monitorable and diagnosable.
  • Server-centric features are only available where iMonitor is installed and loaded.

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