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Nsure UDDI Server Released as Open Source

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Posted: 5 May 2003

Novell Nsure UDDI Server is a UDDI 2.0 registry built on Directory Services technology. It offers a secure access to the registry contents (authentication and authorization), unified account management, and distribution of the registry by leveraging Directory Services. It works with any LDAP(V3) based directory backend. When integrated with Novell eDirectory, it gives the best performance and added features leveraging eDirectory.

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Scan the features:

  • UDDI core data structures, including business entity, business service, binding template, and Technical Model (TModel) are supported.

  • Authenticated inquiry and publish operations are supported. It can also be used as a public registry.

  • Integration with eDirectory to leverage the following features:
    • Creating and managing user accounts
    • Support for access control
    • Replication and Synchronization
    • Creating customized indexes for the category bag, identifier bag, and TModel bag attributes to speed up search operations
    • Support for eDirectory partition and distribution capabilities.

  • Web-based administration and management.

  • A Web-based user interface.

  • Logging UDDI server messages to the Console or a text file.

  • All configurations, registry properties, and access policies are managed through eDirectory.

  • Novell Nsure UDDI Server works with other clients compliant with UDDI v2.

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