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Dislodging a Server That's Stuck in a "New" State

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By Gert-Jan de Boer

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Posted: 28 May 2003

Dislodging a Server Stuck in "New" State

The Problem:
A newly added server which was receiving a replica became stuck in a "New" state. It appeared that the problem was because the server sending the updates had SLP issues. After 15 hours of synchronization the newly added server had no change. I researched some TIDs for help but found the suggestions made by some to be too risky, and some didn't work -- in my situation -- at all. (set dstrace=off, =+schema =*ssd = *ssa, etc.)

The Solution:
When I realized the server wasn't going to fix itself, I did the following:

  1. I disconnected the server's UTP cable.
  2. I rebooted the server and did a nwconfig -dsremove.
  3. I went to Directory Installation -> Remove DS From this server.
  4. Now NWConfig doesn't ask for a password to remove the DS and just does it.
  5. After that I deleted the server from NDS with NDSManager23.
  6. Then I spend an hour dsrepairing all the remaining replicas, until I didn't get any more errors in DSTrace and NDS Manager.
  7. When the directory was fixed I made a backup.
  8. After I'd finished that, I reconnected the UTP cable and I installed the server again in the NDS.
  9. I then dsrepaired the master server and the newly-added server.
  10. Then I added another replica to the new server. This time it went okay.
  11. Now I did a heartbeat synchronization from the master server.
  12. And all my NDS errors were gone.

Some Specifications:
We use a mixed NetWare 5.1 and NetWare 6 environment. All the servers run eDirectory 8.6.2

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