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Using iMonitor to Check Out the Schema Things

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By Kevin Burnett

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Posted: 5 Jun 2003

A Taste

NDS iMonitor is a slick tool for looking at your eDirectory Schema. If you need more information about the eDirectory Schema, visit for the Schema Reference document.

Remember that there are two ways to start up NDS iMonitor. The first is to type the URL of the server running NDS iMonitor, followed by /nds. For example:

http://<server name or IP address>/nds

(Depending on the way you have your server set up, you may need to add the port number, which is 8009.)

The second way is to launch NDS iMonitor through the NetWare Management Portal. You can do this by going to the Portal screen and selecting NDS iMonitor from the NDS Management menu in the left column.

The Topics

Here's a list of topics Kevin covers:

  • Starting Up NDS iMonitor
  • Looking at Your Schema Class Definitions
  • Examining Your Schema Attribute Definitions
  • Agent Synchronization
    • Partition
    • Errors
    • Last Successful Sync
    • Maximum Ring Delta
    • Replica's Perishable Data Delta

The Real Deal

Here's where to read the article from top to bottom:

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