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Setting Up Accounting Functionality for Chargebacks

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Posted: 5 Jun 2003

The Problem

Is there any way to restrict a user to a certain number of hours in terms of their login? I would like a user to only be able to login for a total of a 150 hours and then have the account be disabled after that.

The Solution

This sounds like a job for the Accounting functionality.

Here's a copy and paste from NWADMIN32.EXE help file:

To set up accounting charges on a server

  1. Right-click the NetWare Server object, choose Details, and then choose Accounting. If you are prompted to install accounting, choose Yes. If you are prompted to remove accounting, choose No.

  2. Choose the property page for the service that you want to charge for: Blocks Read, Blocks Written, Connect Time, Disk Storage, or Service Requests. If you aren't sure what a particular service means, choose its property page and then choose Help.

  3. Define the charge rates for the service.

  4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each service that you want to charge for, and then choose OK.

You should set up accounting on each server that you want the user to be charged for using.

To set the account balance for a user

  1. Choose a Template if you haven't created the User yet. Otherwise, choose the User.

  2. From the Object menu, choose Details, and then choose the Account Balance page.

  3. Fill in Account balance. TIP

  4. (Optional) To enforce a credit limit, uncheck Allow unlimited credit and fill in Low balance limit.

  5. 5. Choose OK.

If you used a Template, create the User based on the Template.

Once you have accounting implemented, then you can setup Account Balance per user object.

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