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Posted: 5 Jun 2003

Get the download, the installation instructions and all the details here:

This patch contains an update to the original release of Novell eDirectory 8.7 and is for the NetWare and NT platforms. It should only be applied to servers currently running Novell eDirectory 8.7.0.

Here's a summary of what's been worked on.


Changes made in DS v10411.02
(Supersedes 10411.01 - found in patch file eDir8703.exe)

  • Remove any reference of superclass from itself (ie., Top)
  • Unknown objects created with LDAP non-authenticated connections
  • 785 failure during upgrade due to ID_A_PERSISTENT_LOCAL_INFO on Pseudoserver
  • Error 128 when synchronizing more than 32 stream files

Changes made in DS v10411.01
(Supersedes 10410.98 - the Original Shipping Version of 8.7.0)

  • Abend on 785 error when installing into a NetWare 6.5 tree
  • SMI swapEntries() method fix
  • Streams files that are 0 bytes in size get synchronized but the stream file association does not get re-created
  • Resolves 785 errors in database
  • Resolves Multi-Processor use issues
  • Error -611 encountered synchronizing a filtered replica
  • A 646 Error on collision renamed objects causes ds syncronization to stop TID: 10077923
  • Server abends opening the database
  • Resolves send all issues


Changes made in DSREPAIR v10410.92
(Supercedes 10410.91 - found in patch file eDir8703.exe)

  1. Memory leak - Dsrepair not releasing memory after a local repair
  2. Abend on unattended repair with NetWare 6.5 in tree

Changes made in DSREPAIR v10410.91
(Supercedes 10410.87 - Original Shipping Version)

  • Dsrepair with rebuild operational schema selected restores the default acl template
  • When loading the 8.7.0 original shipping dsrepair against a NetWare 6.0 Support Pack 2 server running eDirectory 8.6.2 , an invalid api error is returned.
  • Message file fixes


Changes made in NLDAP.NLM 10410.62
(Supercedes 10410.61 - found in patch file eDir8703.exe)

  • Make an exception to adding superclass of Top to Top
  • LDAP query fails and aborts on a Zen Workstation Object containing [Public] in wmuserhistory

Changes made in NLDAP.NLM 10410.61
(Supercedes 10410.57 - Original Shipping Version)

  • LDAP Search does not return attributes with stream syntax when querying Filtered Replica
  • Chaining problem when ldapsearch with deref aliases=always or searching
  • This update allows for the disabling of anonymous ldap authentication.

Please refer to the installation docs for instructions. This patch requires that you add a schema attribute for LDAP authentication to be available. This NLDAP module will not accept LDAP bind requests until this process is completed.

For more information, refer to TID-10077872.


The following fixes have also been included:


  • iMonitor 2.0 updates
  • The Scope indicator is incorrect.
  • The anticipated servers does not match up to the total shown in the report.
  • Problems running multiple instances of the same report at the same time produces an empty report
  • The number of anticipated servers varies from run to run


  • Dssnmpsa fix for error msg in logger but nothing there
  • Memory leaks when unloading dssnmpsa.nlm
  • The SNMP subagent configuration files, NDSSNMP.CFG, NDSTRAP.CFG and EDIR.MIB are being overwritten by the install


  • Error Postoffice.novell is not a group when editing attribute created byDirXML
  • iManager assumes the collection object is configured on second tree


  • Updated HTTPSTK for potential security issues


  • NdsConfig not creating both a new container and server on install into tree


  • Fixes an issue where admin is told he has not rights to perform task - 8704
  • Security enhancements - 8703 & 8704
  • eMbox not loading - 8704
  • eMbox - eMBox template fixes
  • DHost crash when running a repair with dib locked


  • NDSD Coredumps in NMAS modules


  • Memory Leak fix - 8704
  • Backup file not growing beyond 2GB
  • Performance enhancement
  • Fixes a stuck thread issue with DirXML 1.1a


  • Assigned roles at container and group level not reported


  • (Solaris) Unable to start the NDS to NDS driver on solaris 2.8 running eDir 8.7
  • (Solaris) DirXML driver does not start up after a SSL Certificate is added

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