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TransUnion Raves About Their Successful Nsure Implementation

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By Liz Tanner

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Posted: 12 Jun 2003

If you haven't see it yet, there's a good story in the newest Novell Connection Magazine about how a suite of Nsure products enabled TransUnion to expand its B2B ecommerce business by 75 percent and quadruple its transactions -- all without investing in new hardware or increasing its IT staff.

Get There From Here

In an Nutshell

Business Needs

  1. Replace homegrown security infrastructure with scalable, directory-based solution
  2. Simplify user administration to increase productivity and heighten security
  3. Improve information access for 150,000 online customers


  1. Novell Nsure: Novell eDirectory, Novell DirXML, Novell iChain, Novell BorderManager
  2. Novell Nterprise: Novell NetWare 6, Novell Cluster Services, Novell GroupWise 6, Novell BorderManager, Novell ZENworks for Desktops


  1. Scaled business from 38,000 to 150,000 customers without new hardware or additional IT staff
  2. Simplified user administration with directory-based infrastructure to give identity-based Web access to customers and employees
  3. Provides customers with customized content for faster and more efficient access to financial and credit-based information
  4. Manages entire Novell environment with only five people

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