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SecretStore 3.2: A Technical Overview

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By Cameron Mashayekhi

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Posted: 18 Jun 2003

SecretStore is is a Novell technology designed to place login credentials in eDirectory and securely store them there. Single sign-on services such as Novell SecureLogin, Novell iChain, and Novell Portal Services, as well as third-party applications, can then access and use these credentials (secrets) on behalf of the authenticated user.

This AppNote presents a technical overview of Novell SecretStore, covering the architecture of both client and server platforms, a discussion of how SecretStore is used in single sign-on scenarios, and some of the new features in the latest release of SecretStore.

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This piece covers these topics:

  • SecretStore Architecture
    • Hidden Attributes
    • Interfaces
    • Architectural Diagrams

  • SecretStore at Work: Single Sign-on
    • Rationale Behind Single Sign-on
    • Benefits of Single Sign-On
    • Two Methods of Single Sign-on

  • SecretStore's Single Sign-On Process

  • New Features in Novell SecretStore
    • Enhanced Protection
    • Shared Secret Format

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