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Posted: 24 Jun 2003

A Shiny New LogicSource

In this quarter's eDirectory LogicSource, several new processes have been added. The existing obituary process has been updated with new procedures that have been implemented in eDirectory 8.7. Also, a process describing how DClient handles referral costing has been added. In addition, there is a new section called "Understanding Partition Operations." This section will assist an administrator with understanding and troubleshooting partition operations. For this quarter, Add Replica, Remove Replica, Merge Replica, Join Replica and Move Sub Tree have been added to this jam-packed section.

Section Descriptions

The Obituary Process
There are many advantages to running eDirectory 8.7. The improved obituary process is just one of them. This section goes in depth on how the new obituary process is handled in eDirectory 8.7. It can be found in the "Understanding eDirectory Process section.

IPCosting Process
When a resolve name request is issued, eDirectory needs to determine which server to go to find the object requested. The IPCosting Process describes how DClient responds to referrals and determines which server to connect to get the desired information.

Understanding Partition Operations
This new section will be updated each quarter with new partition operations. The look and feel of this section is similar to the "Understanding eDirectory Process" section. The difference is that flows discuss tasks that need to be done, not necessarily how the task is accomplished at a code level. The advantage to this section is an administrator can review each of the steps involved, and identify where in the process the operation failed. From there the specific process can be reviewed in "Understanding eDirectory Processes" to identify what failed in the specific process.


The new eDir LogicSource is available on CD for Novell Professional Resource Suite toolkit subscribers in the July release. eDir Toolkit subscribers will get it as part of their August release. It has also been available on the Subscriber Portal since June 6, 2003.

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