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New Helpdesk Product Leverages eDirectory

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Posted: 3 Jul 2003

A new web-based help desk solution has just been announced by our friends at GroupLink> The cool thing about this solution is that it leverages eDirectory to keep your support team on top of all the incidents they field.

The product carries the title of "GroupLink's Help Desk/Support Center". You can read the company's product literature at

The help desk process is challenging enough as it is. You can get rapid benefits if your help desk process lets you ...

  • Ask the appropriate questions to understand the problem;
  • Accurately identify/track the initiator and the initiator's privileges (using eDirectory)
  • Quickly confirm that the request is received and being addressed (e.g., using e-mail messaging and tasks [e.g., GroupWise, Exchange]);
  • Assign the most knowledgeable person to address the concern (using e-mail and eDirectory);
  • Avoid duplicated effort (using e-mail and eDirectory);
  • Resolve the problem as quickly as possible;
  • Keep the Support Budget under control.

By using your Novell infrastructure (i.e., eDirectory), as a platform for your Help Desk solution, you will be leveraging your existing technology to realize rapid benefits:

  • Reduce overall system costs and maintenance time
  • Reduced call volume
  • Less pressure on technicians
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Minimize routine stoppages
  • Increased customer satisfaction

You can register to receive an on-line demonstration via browser and telephone at:

Here are a few screen captures of the system in action: (See more on the GroupLink site at

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