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PasswordSync 1.0 Troubleshooting Guide

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Posted: 8 Jul 2003

If you ever run into problems with PasswordSync, it's time for a little guided meditation. Work your way down this handy list of troubleshooting questions, and sooner or later you'll say "Doh!"

  1. Does the PasswordSync Service show as "Started" on the Domain Controller? Start | Settings | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services

  2. Do the Filters show running on ALL Domain Controllers? Start | Settings | Control Panel | PasswordSynchronization Icon (does it show ALL Domain Controllers?)

  3. What Novell client version is installed on the Domain Controller or the machine with PasswordSync Service installed on it and the workstations changing passwords? Verify Novell Client 4.83 SP1 (or greater) is installed.

  4. Does the PasswordSync object have the correct rights in the documentation? See Step 2: Install the PasswordSync Service in the PasswordSync Documentation.

  5. Is the nadLoginName attribute added to the publisher filter? See Step 4: Configure the DirXML Driver PasswordSync Documentation.

  6. Did you install the ADDriverPassSyncUpdate overtop of the existing Dirxml driver - See Step 4: Configure the DirXML Driver PasswordSync Documentation.

  7. Can the clients and the domain controllers ping the DC running the PasswordSync Service by Short name - ie "ping dc1" (do not use the DNS name like

    From a workstation - Open a command prompt and type "ping DC1". Verify there is a response back. WINS MUST be configured for PasswordSync to function properly.

  8. Do passwords sync when changing the password from
    1. Novell Client Workstation
    2. Active Directory Users and Computers
    3. ConsoleOne

  9. Is there any information in the Password log in the Event Viewer?

  10. For an associated user - use DSBROWSE to verify the user has the nadLoginName attribute. If the user does not have the nadLoginName attribute, verify from ConsoleOne that the Dirxml Driver has Admin as a Security Equal to under the Membership tab.

  11. Verify you are on the latest patch for PasswordSync 1.0. Go to | click on Patches and Fixes | Select Novell Directory Services | Select DirXML PasswordSynchronization for Windows 1.0 | The most recent patches will be listed here.

If seeing the PasswordSynchronization service the following error occurs: "Error 2147746132: Class not registered." Refer to NOVL76686 - Passwords will not synchronize from NDS to Active Directory and vice versa.

See TID #10083320

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