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iManager 1.5 Roles Defined: Part 2

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By Jeff Fischer

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Posted: 17 Jul 2003

Last month we discussed the predefined roles in the iManager utility's Configure section. We explained how to use property books, User Self Management, and the Collection Configuration section. In this month's article, we'll discuss the roles in the Roles and Tasks section of iManager.

Check out this month's article, in its entirety, here:

iManager 1.5 includes roles with assigned tasks necessary to perform nearly all network function on your network. From iManager, you can manage DNS Services, DHCP Services, eDirectory objects, LDAP objects, iPrint Services, SNMP Services, WAN Traffic Services, Novell Licensing Services, and Novell Certificate Services. This is beneficial to administrators because most of the network management and administration can be performed from the same tool.

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