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Third-Party Web Administration Solution for eDirectory

Novell Cool Solutions: Feature
By Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

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Posted: 14 Aug 2003

A Web-based user administration solution has been the Holy Grail for Novell eDirectory and GroupWise administrators for quite some time. Based on the ever increasing pressure to do things on the web, we thought you would be interested in eControl, a new Cool Solution for Novell eDirectory from the people at Omni Technology Solutions Inc. (

Help Desk Applications

One of the truly unique (and cool) features of the Omni Technology solution is that your help-desk operators and junior administrators no longer need access to NWAdmin or ConsoleOne to carry out tier-one user management tasks. This feature allows you to limit who you entrust with the all-powerful supervisor rights.

The Omni Technology solution also saves a full audit trail of who made what changes, when and to which accounts in addition to recording other key bits of trivia about who's doing what to your network.

You can check out their Web site for the full details. And, if kicking tires is your thing, they've set up a live system set at the same site that you can give a spin.

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