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eDirectory Shipping with Additional Linux Support

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Posted: 20 Aug 2003

The latest incarnation Novell eDirectory (8.7.1) is shipping with support for the most current Red Hat and SUSE Linux distributions.

This new version of eDirectory includes advanced security features that enable smart card, token and biometric authentication and providing greater control and flexibility.

Continuing its strategy of providing secure network services across multiple platforms, Novell announced at LinuxWorld support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 in Novell eDirectory. Along with the expanded Linux support and existing support for platforms including Novell NetWare, Windows NT/2000, Solaris and AIX, advanced authentication features have also been added to the next version of eDirectory.

"Running LDAP-Certified eDirectory on Linux brings greater security and management to the fastest-growing network operating system," said Chris Stone, Novell vice chairman -- Office of the CEO. "Novell eDirectory was the first directory to support Linux, and we are continually enhancing it to provide compatibility with the latest and most popular distributions. With multimaster directory replication between Linux and other server OS platforms, eDirectory further establishes Linux's place in the enterprise. It is part of Novell's ongoing strategy to ensure customers can run proven Novell network services on the platform of their choice."

eDirectory is also shipping with built-in support for advanced authentication methods, such as biometrics, smart cards and tokens. With the inclusion of Novell Modular Authentication Service (NMAS), organizations can require multiple authentication methods and set up a graded authentication, where a user's access rights can be altered based on the strength of authentication used. For example, an administrator could access some basic resources with a simple password but would need to use a digital certificate or a combination of methods for further access.

Mike Neuenschwander, senior analyst at Burton Group, said, "Novell is taking a mature, stable product and now refining it to strengthen its position in the marketplace. The added security features in eDirectory are easy to use while offering significant flexibility and administrator control."

Novell eDirectory is also part of Novell's recently announced Nterprise Linux Services, which gives customers file, print, messaging, directory and management services in an integrated package that runs and will be supported on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server distributions.

Pricing and Availability

Novell eDirectory 8.7.1 is available for $2 per user - with significant discounts for qualifying customers - through Novell Authorized Resellers and solution providers or directly from Novell by calling (888) 321-4272. It is also included with any Novell product and select partner products.

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