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New Developer Features in Novell eDirectory 8.7.1

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Posted: 20 Aug 2003

Novell eDirectory 8.7 introduced a number of new features, such as Web-based and wireless management capabilities, extensible match search filters, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) monitoring, and enhanced backup and restore capabilities. It also provided support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) services based on the OpenSSL source code.

This AppNote article covers some of the features of eDirectory 8.7 that are of interest to developers, with emphasis on those that are new since eDirectory 8.6.x. It also lists the new features in eDirectory 8.7.1, an updated version which ships with NetWare 6.5.

Read the complete AppNote here:

Here are the topics that are covered:

  • Dynamic Groups
  • Extensible Match

  • eDirectory Events
  • Transport Layer Security
  • New LDAP Authentication Methods
  • SOAP Access to eDirectory
  • Other New Features in eDirectory 8.7.1

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