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Installing eDirectory on Windows and Linux

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By Jeff Fischer

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Posted: 26 Aug 2003

An Eye Toward Multiple Platforms

As I begin this column, I plan to talk about eDirectory in the context of running it on multiple platforms. I think most people who are familiar with eDirectory have run it on NetWare. Now, with Novell's current cross-platform strategy, I will detail how to install, run and manage eDirectory from Windows and Linux.

For those eDirectory experts who have run eDirectory on NetWare for years, it will be very important to learn the differences on how to run eDirectory on Windows and Linux. In fact, the environment I will use in preparation for this column each month is an eDirectory 8.7 tree with a NetWare server, a Windows 2000 server, and a Red Hat 9.0 Linux server. I will concentrate my thoughts on running the Directory on all three platforms.

To begin the column this month, I will walk through an installation of eDirectory on Windows and Linux. I will then talk about the new features of eDirectory 8.7 that will help you optimize your Directory tree. Following these discussions, I will talk about how to write applications that leverage the Directory.

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