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Posted: 3 Sep 2003

Many Global 2000 companies are suffering from serious security vulnerabilities and operational inefficiencies because of a lack of secure identity management, according to this study by Stanford University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Among several key findings, the study notes that nearly half of the companies surveyed take longer than two days - and many longer than two weeks - to revoke the network access of terminated employees, and that implementing secure identity management can drive down help desk costs by more than $1 million annually.

The study, "Exploring Secure Identity Management in Global Enterprises," was sponsored by Novell's worldwide services organization to explore the key business drivers for secure identity management, as well as obstacles to its adoption. The study consisted of a statistical analysis of nearly 200 Global 2000 company survey responses and more than 30 individual interviews with IT executives and IT managers in North America, Europe and Asia. Companies shared their current technologies, processes and attitudes regarding the management of user identities and access rights.

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