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iManager Roles Defined: Part 4

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By Jeff Fischer

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Posted: 16 Sep 2003

In this fourth stop on the iManager tour, Jeff Fischer introduces us to Dynamic Group Management, eDirectory Maintenance Utilities and iPrint, NMAS Management, and more ...

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Here's a sample:

Dynamic Group Management

A dynamic group is a specialized eDirectory group object. It is a group whose members are added and removed dynamically by eDirectory. You can specify the criteria that will determine who will be made a member of the group. eDirectory will dynamically add or remove the object based on the criteria you specify.

For example, if you specify an attribute of a user object such as department to be the criteria, eDirectory will search and find all user objects that match the criteria and make them a member of the dynamic group. All members of the Marketing department could be members of a dynamic group called MarketingDynGroup.

This can be extremely useful in managing a position where there is a high employee turnover ratio such as the help desk. If you specify the search criteria to be the value help desk, all objects with the help desk value on their job title attribute will be made members of the dynamic group.

Dynamic Groups have an advantage over regular eDirectory group objects in that memberships for group objects must be explicitly set. This provides extra administrative overhead. With dynamic groups, the membership is done automatically for you, as long as the property value specified in the search criteria is updated.

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