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Taking Things Out of Context: Using LDAP Contextless Login in Your Network

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By Kyrt Nay, Nancy Cadjan

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Posted: 24 Sep 2003

The LDAP Contextless Login feature introduced with the Novell Client for Windows NT/2000/XP version 4.9 makes it easier for users to log in to the network because they no longer have to remember their context or tree name (depending on how you set it up). With LDAP Contextless Login, users simply enter their username and password in the Novell Login window--the Novell Client and LDAP Services for Novell eDirectory do the work of figuring out where the users are located and in which eDirectory tree. Administrators are free to move User objects around or change the organization's name, and the users will still be able to log in without any extra assistance. This saves you the costs associated with supporting users who have trouble remembering their tree/context information or who don't know how to change this information at login after modifications have been made in the tree structure.

Several large Novell customers have used LDAP Contextless Login to facilitate the merging of several trees into one global tree. Because users no longer needed to enter their tree or context in order to successfully authenticate after the merge, these customers could make changes within the directory as often as necessary without incurring the costs associated with supporting user login problems.

This AppNote explains how to install and configure LDAP Contextless Login on your network. It shows what users will experience during the login process once this feature is implemented and provides information on how to customize the Novell Login dialog box. It also includes some troubleshooting information. This AppNote is not meant to replace or supersede the Novell documentation for the Novell Client or LDAP Services for Novell eDirectory. References to the appropriate documentation are made throughout this discussion.


  • Overview of LDAP Contextless Login
  • Setting Up Rights to View User Object Attributes
  • Configuring the Novell Client to Use LDAP Contextless Login
  • What Users Will Experience with LDAP Contextless Login
  • Customizing the Novell Login Dialog Box
  • Troubleshooting the Most Common Problem
  • Conclusion

Read the AppNote here.

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