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Disabling NMAS Authentication during the Client Installation

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Posted: 25 Nov 2003

When the Novell Client 4.90 for Windows NT/2000/XP is installed, the NMAS Components are installed as well, including NMAS Authentication. If you want to disable NMAS Authentication during the client install, you have three different options. Here's the scoop.

Option 1 - /DINN switch

The first option is to use a /DINN switch on the SETUPNW.EXE command line (ie: "SETUPNW.EXE /DINN"). This will prevent NICI and NMAS from being installed during the Novell Client installation. This option does not force the "NMAS Authentication" checkbox to be disabled, but without the NMAS client present the checkbox has no effect.

Option 2 - UNATTEND.TXT file

The second solution requires the use of an UNATTEND.TXT file being used for the installation. Using an UNATTEND.TXT you can turn off the "NMAS Authentication" checkbox by default, and/or you can prevent the NMAS client from being installed at all.

To disable the "NMAS Authentication" checkbox, make sure the following lines are present in the [NovellNetWareClientParameters] section of the UNATTEND.TXT file:


To prevent NICI and NMAS being installed, the following line is required in the [SetupNWInstallOptions] section.


The easiest way to create the unattend.txt file is to use NCIMAN.EXE in the .\WINNT\i386\admin directory. The installation of NICI and NMAS can be disabled from the "Setup" tab of the "Installation" section, NMAS Authentication is turned off in "Advanced Login" tab of the "Client" section. After configuring the client installation, save the configuration as ".\winnt\i386\unattend.txt"

Once the unattend.txt file has been created, the client can be installed using that file by running "SETUPNW.EXE /U". See the Novell Client documentation for additional information on using an UNATTEND.TXT and NCIMAN.EXE to control selections during the Novell Client installation.

Option 3 - Modify Installation Files

The third solution is to modify the installation files to default the NMAS Authentication setting to Off. This will not prevent the NMAS client from being installed, but the "NMAS Authentication" checkbox will be off by default.

Note that modifying the .INF files incorrectly can cause the installation to fail to install properly. Novell does not officially support this modification and it is presented for your information only.

For Windows 2000/XP:

After expanding the Novell Client 4.90 files, edit the file

Under the line:



HKLM, "Software\Novell\Login","NMAS Authentication",0x10001,0

For Windows NT only:

After expanding the Novell Client 4.90 files, edit the file

ABOVE the line:

ifint $(CreateDefaultProfile) != 0

add the lines:

OpenRegKey $(!REG_H_LOCAL) "" "Software\Novell\Login" $(MAXIMUM_ALLOWED) KeyNWLogin
SetRegValue $(KeyNWLogin) {"NMAS Authentication", $(NoTitle), $(!REG_VT_DWORD), "0"}
CloseRegKey $(KeyNWLogin)

Note that none of the methods presented here will remove NICI or NMAS once they have been installed. To remove NICI and/or NMAS it is necessary to go to the Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, then uninstall NICI and/or NMAS

For more info see TID 10086934

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