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From the Inside Out: Comprehensive Backup and Restore for Novell eDirectory

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By Rob Sabey

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Posted: 3 Feb 2004

We thought it would be cool to have Novell's Product Managers produce a regular column for eDirectory Cool Solutions to give you some insight into current projects, plans, and other interesting tidbits. We're calling it "From the Inside Out." This column is from Rob Sabey, Partner Manager for the Novell eDirectory Product Line. Look for a new column weekly. And if you have any suggestions for topics for these guys, let us know and we'll drop some hints.

Implementation of a complete IT disaster recovery plan can be challenging. Including a comprehensive backup and restore process for Novell eDirectory has, in the past, increased that challenge. No longer, thanks to DeTroubler by future gate, which is under distribution in the US by the Blackbird Group.

DeTroubler is a powerful solution that offers complete backup and restore functionality for Novell eDirectory and has been developed to address the specific needs of a high-end directory. DeTroubler can completely backup and restore not only eDirectory files and objects, but also all referential links between objects, such as access control lists, security equivalencies and group memberships. Further, it captures and restores the bindery objects IDs, the schema extensions, the partitioning/replication scheme, the file trustee assignments and all of the server-specific information.

Many customers use DeTroubler to augment their back-up strategy. DeTroubler reads the customer's Novell eDirectory information and then writes that information into an Pervasive SQL database file, which is then available for file backup by NetWare's Storage Management ServicesTM. From a disaster recovery perspective, this means that customers can restore their entire tree without manual intervention.

For day-to-day troubleshooting, DeTroubler also enables customers to restore single objects or parts of their tree rapidly with just a few mouse clicks, and to duplicate their live environment into the lab. That means that not only can those nasty little "oops" be easily fixed, but any IT implementations under consideration can be fully tested in the safety of the lab against the customer's actual tree without risking live data.

DeTroubler has no dependencies on any schema changes and fully supports inherited rights filters (IRF). Hidden attributes are also supported, including public/private key pairs, Novell SecretStore, certificates and key material objects.

DeTroubler Benefits Summary

  • Restore the entire tree completely
  • Recover single objects or portions of the tree, including all links between the objects, with a single mouse click
  • Easily restore encrypted information from Novell SecretStore, Novell Certificate Server objects, Novell iChain, NMAS and public/private key pairs
  • Enables live tree replication into your lab
  • Easily undo changes made to your tree

A few of the companies who are using DeTroubler include Lufthansa, Swedish National Police Board, Rolex, UK Parliament, German Department of Transportation, COOP, Canon, Milgard Windows and St. Luke's Hospital.

For more information, check out the DeTroubler product profile in Novell's PartnerGuide at

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