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Posted: 20 Jan 2004

Heads Up: Novell has been ranked as the market leader in META Group's recently released METAspectrum for LDAP Directories, specifically recognized for its superior delivery of features and functionality, customer service and an established presence in the market for both Internet- and enterprise-facing directory needs.

The META Group research report, available here, notes the importance of directory services in an overall identity management strategy and that Novell remains a vendor of choice for system integrators building identity infrastructure and identity management systems.

Earl Perkins, META Group vice president of security and risk strategies, said, "With the directory market approaching maturity, the truly significant criteria for choosing a good directory are price, integration and scalability, in about that order. Directory services are important infrastructure elements in an overall identity management strategy for most enterprises. Those vendors that deliver both a good directory and good management services have become the leaders in both identity infrastructure and management."

In the first published market share numbers for identity management, The Radicati Group recently listed Novell with a 1.5 million user installed base in 2003 and 25 percent of the identity management market, the highest market share among identity management suite vendors. The Radicati Group also estimated the market for identity management suites will grow from $80 million in 2003 to about $2.3 billion by the end of 2007, more than doubling in growth every year.

"It's very encouraging to have third-party validation of the success we see our customers achieving with Novell's directory and identity management solutions," said Alan Nugent, Novell CTO. "With a strong position in these markets and the development and consulting expertise to continue delivering value for customers, we are confident that Novell will remain a leading force in these rapid-growth areas."

The benefit to customers of Novell identity management solutions was recently recognized in the InfoWorld 100 as Hartford Hospital was featured as one of the top five companies using innovative technology to solve business problems. By providing physicians with identity-based access to hospital records and applications, Hartford Hospital substantially improved efficiency for its 800 physicians and saved $80,000 through one application alone. Other customers are also catching on as Novell Nsure Identity Manager had over 1,400 licensed customers, in addition to 6,300 starter pack customers, at the end of 2003, representing 133 percent year-over-year.

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