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From the Inside Out: Securing Digital Assets with the Technology You Already Have

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By John Shafer, Michelle Escalante

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Posted: 10 Feb 2004

We thought it would be cool to have Novell's Product Managers produce a regular column for eDirectory Cool Solutions to give you some insight into current projects, plans, and other interesting tidbits. We're calling it "From the Inside Out." This column is from Michelle Escalante, Novell product manager for security services, and John Shafer, Novell category specialist. Look for a new column weekly. And if you have any suggestions for topics for these guys, let us know and we'll drop some hints.

The introduction of new legislation such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act has pushed the issue of securing digital property to the top of the list of things to do for people in a broad range of industries and job positions. Today it is just as important to the CEO to know that the digital property of his/her company is secure, as it is the administrators responsible for managing user identities and access rights.

Making sure that confidential data remains private, as well as accurate and secure, can be an expensive and time-consuming mission. For companies using Novell eDirectory, this challenge is addressed in a product component that is crucial but often unheralded ... until now. Novell Certificate Server is an established technology used by thousands of customers worldwide, and which is gearing up for some significant enhancements in the months ahead.

Certificates issued by a Novell certificate authority (CA) and used to secure server-to-server transactions are old hat for Novell NetWare and eDirectory (NDS) users and administrators. Products such as Novell GroupWise, iFolder, and iPrint are just some of the services that utilize digital certificates to ensure only authorized services are running on the appropriate servers, and users are accessing those resources securely.

Although the features that are used today in Novell Certificate Server are mature and firmly established, improvements are on the horizon. Issuing, validating or revoking certificates will be done via Novell iManager, and revocation will support Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL). In addition, integration and signing of Novell CA-issued certificates by third-party root servers will be forthcoming, as well as user-based certificate management.

The existing maturity of the Novell Certificate Server, combined with these new features to be introduced later this year, give organizations a cost-effective, efficient tool to provide secure services and digital-asset protection to their users, customers and partners alike.

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