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Changing the Certificate Authority

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Posted: 26 Feb 2004

Question: I reinstalled my Certificate Authority and everything is fine, but now I want to change the "Organizational CA" to "My Company CA". How do I do that?

Answer: We believe the best way to do this is to delete the Organizational CA object, and create a new one. You have to delete and create new certificates, as well. Anyone else have other suggestions? Let us know.

Sangita Patel

Here is what I have done to delete and re-create the Organizational CA.

  1. Use iManager or ConsoleOne to delete the object.
  2. Find the Organizational CA. It will be under the Security container which is under Root.
  3. Delete the object.
  4. Recreate the Object in ConsoleOne or iManager. (The new object is type is "NDSPKI:Certificate Authority".)
  5. Make sure you put in the same server object in the host name that was there before you deleted the object. If you forget to put in a hostname, you will have to remove the object and do it again. The ConsoleOne snapins will not allow you to put the name after the fact.

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