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Cramming Made Easy - Study eDirectory for the CNA

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Posted: 10 Mar 2004

If you've wanting to get up to speed on eDirectory and a CNA test is looming in your future, there's a great article on It covers eight testing objectives for Novell Course 3001: Foundations of Novell Networking. It also includes illustrations, tables, and sample lab exercises to help you learn and prepare.

Eight Testing Objectives

Here are the main testing objectives covered in the article:

  1. Identify basic Directory Service tasks.
  2. Identify common Directory Service uses.
  3. Describe how a Directory is structured.
  4. Identify the role and benefits of eDirectory.
  5. Identify how eDirectory 8.6 works.
  6. Identify and describe the composition of eDirectory.
  7. Identify and describe eDirectory object classes.
  8. Identify the flow and design of the eDirectory tree.
Other Cool Features

There are helpful tips and notes embedded in the article, and you can click on graphic illustrations to enlarge them for study. There are also tables that compare NDS and eDirectory, as well as describe eDirectory objects, properties, and values. Lab Exercise 1 helps you distinguish leaf and container objects; Lab Exercise 2 helps you understand naming principles for directory structures.

You can find the full article at:

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