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Time for a Checkup?

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Posted: 31 Mar 2004

Just like a trip to the doctor or dentist, a periodic health check of your servers can clear up a number of mysterious ailments. That's been the frequent recommendation in our eDirectory support forums lately. To get the full story, reference the ever-popular TID 10060600. You can also find a summary of health-check items below.

The Checkup
  1. Verify that your DS version is at the latest version on its respective operating system platform (use the DSREPAIR utility).
  2. Synchronize time across all servers in the network (load DSREPAIR.NLM from the server console and execute 'Time Synchronization').
  3. Synchronize, server-to-server (use DSTRACE or NDSTRACE; each server must have a replica to display the needed NDS trace information).
  4. Synchronize replicas (use DSREPAIR or NDSREPAIR).
  5. Check external references to find replicas and display obituaries (use DSREPAIR or NDSREPAIR).
  6. List partitions and states of the replicas stored in the current server's NDS database files (use DSREPAIR or NDSREPAIR).
  7. Synchronize schemas (use DSTRACE or NDSTRACE).
  8. Repair the local database if necessary (use DSREPAIR or NDSREPAIR).

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