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Hartford Hospital Leverages eDirectory

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Posted: 7 Apr 2004

Hartford Hospital , established in 1854, is the largest medical center in the state of Connecticut. It has received many national awards for medical excellence but has also faced a growing challenge: finding more flexible access to its information so business processes are not undermined. Using a solution based on Novell exteNd and Nsure (eDirectory and iChain) Hartford Hospital was able to do just that.

Objectives and Issues

Driving the solution for Hartford Hospital were these two main objectives:

  1. Reduce cost by optimizing information flow to streamline key business processes
  2. Provide physicians and other employees with secure personalized remote access to the applications they need to do business

Standing in the way of the solution were these problems:

  • Over 100 different departmental systems
  • Disparate platforms
  • Demands of integration and investment protection
  • Costly data manipulations
  • Ineffective audit trails and accountability
  • Physicians demanding real-time access
  • Outdated skills preventing IT from responding to business issues
The Solution

The Novell solution offered some distinct advantages. The flow for patient information collection was streamlined. Web services were integrated, transforming existing business functions into open services. Accountability was improved in the Epidemiology Reporting process. Finally, the process for Radiation billing was made more efficient.

The Benefits

Hartford Hospital reaped some important benefits through the Novell solution. Here are a few of them:

  • Integration costs reduced by 40%
  • $80K in annual savings
  • Mechanism now in place for system extensions
  • Real-time reporting
  • Real-time infection tracking
  • Manual tasks eliminated
  • Data entry errors eliminated

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