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Posted: 7 Apr 2004

Novell's eDirectory product is full of possibilities, and software developers can take full advantage of them. To get the whole picture, including an evaluation download of eDirectory for testing, visit Novell's developer site for eDirectory. Here's a glimpse of what you will find there.

Leverage eDirectory as a Web Service
  • DSML (Directory Services Markup Language) for Novell eDirectory contains a deployable Web archive that enables you to access eDirectory as a Web service using SOAP.
  • UDDI Server enables you to 1) publish and locate internal business applications in a secure, private environment; 2) integrate enterprise web portals with exteNd Director; and 3) use eDirectory as a basis for authentication and access control of Web Services.
Develop LDAP applications to access eDirectory
  • Use LDAP and NDAP controls for ActiveX. There are related AppNotes and software components on the site that you can download to get started.
  • Use Java Beans (LDAP, NDAP, Command, etc.) for Novell Services. You'll find documents and components for download, as well as a list of dependencies to consider.
  • Use LDAP classes for Java and LDAP libraries for C. There are components to download and documentation on integration LDAP with NDS.
  • Use LDAP extension and controls for JNDI. You can download sample code, binaries, and documentation here.
Other Tools
  • Develop using the LDAP JDBC driver.
  • Develop using the ODBC driver for eDirectory.
  • Develop using native eDirectory APIs.
  • Develop using RAD tools, such as Novell Script, Perl 5, and PHP for NetWare.
  • Embed LDAP provisioning in non-computer devices (cell phones, routers, modems, etc.)

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