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eDirectory on Windows 2003 Servers

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Posted: 12 Apr 2004

A customer recently wrote and asked about introducing Windows 2003 servers in a NetWare environment:

"I run a primarily Netware shop and use eDirectory for directory services. I need to introduce a Windows 2003 server on my network, and I don't want to manage two different directory services. I am not very familiar with Win2003 server (AD). If I install eDirectory on my 2003 server, will I be able to manage the Windows server's user and file security (AD) with NDS (single point of administration)?"

The Scoop

No. Installing eDirectory on Windows 2003 will just give you another LDAP-enabled directory on the W2k3 server. With eDirectory, you can basically use the W2k3 as another replica server.

If you want to be able to synchronize/administrate users and groups between eDir and AD you need either Novell Identity Management (formerly DirXML) or Novell Account Management.

Note that both these tools are only capable of handling users and groups. In order to administrate the Windows file system and permissions you still need to use the Microsoft tools.

The Training

The customer also asks: "What kind of training is available for Novell Identity Management or Novell Account Management? Which is better suited to my configuration?"

We recommend the Novell Course 556, Integrating Novell eDirectory and Active Directory (Course 556). For more information about taking this course either via a partner or self-study, visit

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