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Importing a Schema into a Tree

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Posted: 26 May 2004

In certain environments, it may be necessary to import schema from a one tree into another. This practice is used often when introducing new versions of Directory Services into an existing production tree. It may also be used to match up the schema between two trees before a tree merge. See TID 10066604.

Make sure you import schema on a server that holds either the Master or a Read/Write replica of the [Root] partition so that the schema can propagate to all servers in the tree.

Loading DSREPAIR to Import the Schema
  1. Load DSREPAIR -a | Advanced Options Menu | Global schema operations. Authenticate as Admin or one with rights to the ROOT of the tree. This is necessary to ensure schema is being extended properly).
  2. Choose Import Remote Schema and select the tree you want to import the schema FROM.
  3. Press F10 to perform the schema import/extension.

Depending on the size of your tree, propagating the imported schema throughout your production tree could take some time. Be patient.

Verifying the Schema

To verify that schema is syncing out from [ROOT], do the following:

1. Type the following at the console of the server with the Master of [ROOT]:

set DSTRACE=on
set DSTRACE=nodebug
set DSTRACE=+Schema

2. Toggle to the Directory Services screen and look for "All Processed = YES"

3. On each server that holds a Master of a partition, do the following:

set DSTRACE=off
set DSTRACE=nodebug
set DSTRACE=+Schema

4. Toggle to the Directory Services screen and look for "All Processed = YES"

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