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Free Download - Make the Most of Your eDirectory Infrastructure

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Posted: 7 Jul 2004

Free Download (especially for Academic and Government eDirectory users) - Make the Most of Your eDirectory Infrastructure

by GroupLink Corp.

A customer at Clackamas Community College says: "Maintaining quality lines of communication with the right resources and contacts is of utmost importance for us, and eDirectory helps makes it possible."

For more information about how Clackamas Community College deployed a significant business solution and did it by building upon their preferred identity management infrastructure, read the full story here: You can click the Free Trial button in the left pane of that page to get your free download.

The Problem

Do you or your customers relate to any of the following issues?

  • Are you required to keep specific information for a large database of contacts?
  • Do you frequently need to send or gather critical information to or from these contacts?
  • How do you integrate an extensive contact database with your existing email and eDirectory infrastructure?
Wish List

In addition to providing solutions to the problems above, wouldn't it be nice if your solution's ability to leverage your Novell infrastructure also enhanced your:

  • Training and business processes
  • Individual and collective productivity
  • Electronic workflow
The Solution

Clackamas Community College relies on Novell for the dissemination of information on every level. Maintaining quality lines of communication with the right resources and contacts is of the utmost importance for CCC. Identity management is critical for disseminating and gathering critical information on individuals. Through the integration of GroupLink's ContactWise contact management tool with established and highly valued Novell and eDirectory infrastructure, CCC has been able to transform its once slow and tedious business process into a full functioning, streamlined contact information system.

Operating on a well-established Novell platform, and moving to an open database server (e.g., Linux, NetWare or Windows based database options), the implementation of ContactWise provided CCC the opportunity to leverage its existing investments. The seamless integration of GroupLink's ContactWise with Novell eDirectory and GroupWise (optional) provided CCC with an operating tool that maximized efficiency while concurrently minimizing efforts.

The eDirectory-based business solution that CCC selected, ContactWise®, is NetWare- and Linux-compatible and authenticates each user against the ID's in eDirectory. It also utilizes the power of e-mail (e.g., GroupWise) messaging and calendaring, going beyond typical customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.

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