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Tool Time for eDirectory - July 14

Novell Cool Solutions: Feature

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Posted: 14 Jul 2004

Cool Solutions has gathered a lot of eDirectory tools over the past few years. Many are free, some are shareware, and some are eval copies of commercial products. Each week we feature a new set of tools from the Novell eDirectory Cool Tools grab bag.

Featured eDirectory Tools - July 14, 2004

This week's featured Novell eDirectory tools:


RLAPPSET 1.2 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Set Application Object) - Set application object attributes from a command line.
Freeware by Rick Laughinghouse
Contents: .zip with .exe and readme files
Notes: RLAPPSET AppObject [G] [V]

  • AppObject -- Distinguished name of the application object.
  • /G GUID-- The GUID to set for the application object.
  • /V Version-- The Version stamp to set for the application object.
  • /? Help -- Displays Help.t

RLAPPSHW 1.2 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Application Object Show) - Shows application object attribute values from a command line.
Freeware by Rick Laughinghouse
Contents: .zip with .exe and readme files
Notes: Usage: RLAPPSHW AppObject [/A] [/D] [/G] [/I] [/P] [/Q] [/T] [/V] [/W]
AppObject -- Distinguished Name of the Application Object.

  • /A Admin Notes -- Displays the Administrator Notes.
  • /D Description -- Displays the Description
  • .
  • /G GUID -- Displays the GUID.
  • /I Icon Order -- Displays the Icon Order.
  • /P Path -- Displays the Application Path.
  • /Q Parameters -- Displays the Command Line Parameters.
  • /T Icon Title -- Displays the Icon Title.
  • /V Version -- Displays the Version
  • .
  • /W Working Dir -- Displays the Working Directory.
  • /? Help -- Displays Help.


Protocom SecureConsole 3.4 - Add a new level of role-based access and accountability to NetWare servers.
Evaluation by Protocom Development Systems
Contents: downloadable setup files
Notes: SecureConsole(TM) is a Novell® endorsed console security application that adds the highest level of control and accountability to NetWare servers.

SecureConsole overcomes console security weaknesses, and provides a new level of role based access and accountability. SecureConsole provides a wealth of advanced administration features, controlled security resources, console identification, advanced auditing options and fully secure remote access.

SSLock for NDS 6.2 - NDS-aware console-locker that has many screen-saver-like features, such as security.
Evaluation by Peter Kuo
Contents: .zip containing .exe's and support files
Notes: Though not designed to be a true "screen saver" (as it does not draw fancy graphics), SSLock for NDS is an NDS-aware console-locker that has some screen-saver-like features. When SSLock is in the keyboard "locked" mode, it takes over as the current screen and displays some text in random locations on the screen so as not to burn the screen in. Its auto-lock feature will secure the console keyboard even if you forget to. For the security-concerned administrators,SSLock has built-in logging functions to keep track of who unlocked orunloaded the NLM and when. It even has a "intruder detection warning and lockout" feature!


Loader 1.1 - Makes sure an application is not killed by users.
Freeware by Martin van der Boon
Contents: .zip containing .exe and readme
Notes: LOADER will stay in memory and will check after a given time if an application is still running. If not, the application will be start again.

AdRem Free Remote Console 4 - Protocol-independent (IP & IPX) fast access to remote and local NetWare console and emergency console, with eDirectory authentication.
Freeware by AdRem Software
Contents: .exe containing setup program
Notes: AdRem Free Remote Console (Freecon) is a free utility for fast remote access to NetWare server console that operates in LANs and WANs using IPX and TCP/IP. Due to the custom compression algorithm, Freecon makes it possible to work effectively over very slow and overloaded Internet and WAN connections.

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