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Tool Time for eDirectory - August 4

Novell Cool Solutions: Feature

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Posted: 4 Aug 2004

Cool Solutions has gathered a lot of eDirectory tools over the past few years. Many are free, some are shareware, and some are eval copies of commercial products. Each week we feature a new set of tools from the Novell eDirectory Cool Tools grab bag.

Featured eDirectory Tools - August 4, 2004

This week's featured Novell eDirectory tools:


RLACOPY 1.5 for NDS (Rick Laughinghouse Copy Application Object)t - Copies a ZEN Application object from a command line.
Freeware by Rick Laughinghouse
Contents: .zip file with application and readme files
Notes: This ZENworks command line tool distributes NAL application objects. It copies the GUID, but does not copy folder and association attributes.

RLATRSYN (Rick Laughinghouse Attribute Value Synchronization) - Synchronizes NDS Object attribute values from a command line.
Freeware by Rick Laughinghouse
Contents: .zip file with application and readme files

Basic LDAP Example - Basic LDAP example with PHP.
FreeWare by George Goehring
Contents: .zip file with PHP and readme files
Notes: This is a basic example of how to connect to a LDAP server and pull out information. My example demonstrates how to get information from a Novell server.


PASSChg - End-user XP/NT/NDS password change and synchronization program for NetWare environments.
GNU License software by Martin Zinaich
Contents: .zip file with application and readme file
Notes: PASSChg uses the users' NDS password as a key. (For this reason users' NDS passwords should be configured with the tightest restrictions of all systems). If the program cannot change the NDS password, it will not try to change any other password. If it can change the NDS password it will then try to change the PC Password and any attached NT domain passwords. The program can also change any single system password, if needed.

TreeCast Enterprise - Extends eDirectory-based provisioning to include collaboration management.
30-day eval software by OpenNet Software, Ltd.
Contents: Link to download files
Notes: TreeCast Enterprise:

  • Integrates with eDirectory to extend Provisioning to include Shared Folders
  • Broadcasts entire Trees of Shared Folders directly to users' GW accounts
  • Lets Group Membership determines the Folder Tree each user receives
  • Runs as a Trusted Application against GroupWise 6.5.x
  • Provides an intuitive GUI to define and save Folder Trees, and integrate with GroupWise and eDirectory
  • Lets users rebuild their Trees - themselves!

Disk Auditor Net - Utility to display information about network files.
40-day/60-day trial software by Frank Kusluski
Contents: .exe download file
Notes: Scan for and store daily network file statistics such as creator,deletor, archiver, creation date, deletion date, last access date, last archived date, etc. Tally important file statistics for specific directories such as # modified files, # new files, # deleted files, and # archived files. Learn of deleted and new directories. Find problem users in the blink of an eye. Build informative queries and graphs on the data you've collected.

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