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eDirectory Interim Release

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Posted: 18 Aug 2004

An interim release of eDirectory is available for NetWare and Windows NT platforms, at You can find more details in TID 2968987.

This IR (Interim Release) contains the second update to the original release of Novell eDirectory 8.7.3. It is for NetWare and Windows platforms. It should only be applied to servers currently running Novell eDirectory 8.7.3 (DS module version 10550.98 (873 FCS) or 10551.03 (873 IR1)). If the server's platform is NetWare 6.5, SP1 or SP2 must be installed first.

Note: This IR has been tested only with the latest supported OS platforms and their latest support packs.

eDirectory (DS) Changes


  • Dxevent was being removed with the 8.7.3 install
  • ICE timed out with over 1000 UID's in filter.
  • Now able to move custom object type extended with an aux class.
  • Index update to limit attribute text to 128 characters (Note: this requires a dsrepair - structural rebuild.)
  • ICE rejected any string that is longer than 64 bytes. Was counting bytes not characters in determining maximum length.
  • Dhost on Windows will now stay loaded if dib will not open
  • Resolved a hang condition when eDirectory is started via the /etc/init.d/ndsd script after the latest Solaris 9 Recommended Cluster Patch.
  • Solaris given a new geodesic memory manager patch.
  • Unable to start ndsd after installing DirXML 2.0. due to ndsd script being overwritten.
  • File rights changes in install.
  • We now wait for 30 seconds instead of 15 seconds before issuing a sig KILL during shutdown.
  • NetMail was not reading certain eDirectory attributes when not authenticated.
  • Setting synch threads to 16 caused a -632 when opening the dib.
  • AIX - install not reading the NDS_CONF variable.

Since 8.7.3 (FCS)

  • SAP 278 not correctly advertised
  • Error -128 in report synch due to not closing a stream fil
  • e
  • Secure Login password history fix
  • File permissions issue - Unix\Linux
  • ICE times out writing to an LDIF file from a million object search
  • Auxclass flag not being added to aux superclass
  • Enhanced the calculation of dynamic group security equivalents for attributes
DSLOADER Changes (since FCS)
  • Large amounts of memory not being released by DSLOADER (issue exists in NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 2).

Since 8.7.3 (FCS)



  • Message in dsrepair about net addresses being 60 days old no longer counts as an error.
  • Can now quit out of a dsrepair: check external references.

Since 8.7.3 (FCS):

  • Veritas skeletonization issue.
  • Flags in repair log should be in hex not decimal - Unix.
NLDAP Changes


  • Resolves an abend issue after trying to search\modify a dynamic group with only a subset of members (issue exists in NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 2).
  • Memory allocation enhancements.
  • Resolves an abend during an out of memory condition.
  • Cannot create index for attribute that has a colon or a space.
  • Search for attribute = modifiersname is not returning the ldap mapped attribute.
  • NLDAP not handling email type CNs with dots "." in them.
  • LBURP speed enhancements when creating ou's then leaf objects.
  • NetVision - ldap events not getting all events

Since 8.7.3 (FCS):

  • Heavy LDAP usage would result in a memory buildup preventing the use of repair or trace.
  • NLDAP maxing out on threads due to invalid flag.
  • Error 306 modifying an attribute with a generalized time syntax.
  • Buffer overrun in ber encoding.
  • eDir error 699\LDAP error 80 when exporting an activated driver set that has the DIRXML-ACT3 attribute.
  • Leap year time value incorrectly displayed.
EMBOX Changes (since FCS)
  • Resolves an eMBox core issue on Solaris.
  • Cold backup with lock option unable to unlock database.
  • Schema tool now formats debug messages correctly.
  • Request schema via eMBox now outputs the target server name in trace.
  • Now provides detailed messages on schema error during tree merge.
  • -tdsmerge help had indentical descriptions for two different tasks.
  • Client batch mode now bypasses confirmation message during tree rename.
  • DSBK.NLM no longer treats all text as a parameter.
  • Backup displayed progress bytes as a negative number after 2GB was reached.
  • Getconfig: Current RFL name is displayed in Dec format while last not used is in Hex format.
Other Changes
  • GAMS - Now all authorized ranges are scanned, not just the first one.
  • ICE - Dumped core using the -R switch.
  • SNMP - Timing error (-168 or 9) when loading snmp and then subagent.
  • DCONSERVE - Windows - Buffer issue caused ndscons to crash.
  • DSTRACE - Dstrace now has option for the display of milliseconds.
  • DSTRACE - Dstrace.nlm could cause a CPU Hog abend after it's been running for 2 or 3 hours.
  • HTTPSTK - Windows- Invalid strings are not handled properly in httpstk.
  • IMONITOR - Added config to not display reference attribute values in iMonitor.
  • EMBOXCLIENT.JAR - Resolves getting a "-1" error message on tree merge with two security containers.

NOTE: There is a new memory manager for eDirectory on Windows (Hoard).

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