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Tool Time for eDirectory - Sept 2

Novell Cool Solutions: Feature

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Posted: 2 Sep 2004

Cool Solutions has gathered a lot of eDirectory tools over the past few years. Many are free, some are shareware, and some are eval copies of commercial products. Each week we feature a new set of tools from the Novell eDirectory Cool Tools grab bag.

Featured eDirectory Tools - September 1, 2004

This week's featured Novell eDirectory tools:


WatchDISK Disk Space Tracker 3.2 - Find directories that have grown suddenly, charting disk space usage trends.
45-day Eval by Power Admin, LLC
Contents: .exe with setup files
Notes: With WatchDISK you can take a snapshot of the sizes of directories (not the content itself, just the sizes) and store that snapshot in a database. Later, take another snapshot. By comparing the snapshots you can quickly see which directories have grown or shrunk. You can see disk space usage trends. You can even be alerted when directories grow (or free space shrinks). In addition, WatchDISK tracks file sizes by extension (so you can very quickly find out how much space .MP3 files are taking on your server volumes).

DirSpy 2.8 - Utility to display all those who have files open in a specific directory.
Eval (40/60-day) by Frank Kusluski
Contents: .exe with setup files
Notes: DirSpy can monitor every file within a specific directory with the click of one button. Other impressive features of DirSpy include extensive server/client information, volume information, volume disk space monitoring, directory information, deleted file information, the ability to salvage and purge deleted files, treediagram of network, see who is online for a particular server, see the connected/ disconnected servers for the current user, send messages to users, clear connections of users, query the network for user names, change user passwords and much, much more!

File and Volume

NoClone - Find and remove duplicate files.
Freeware by NoClone
Contents: .zip file with application and support files
Notes: Find and remove duplicate files across hard drives and local area network. NoClone is shareware: only limited duplicate files (i.e., 3000 files) will be compared until licensed.

VolRst32 - Set Volume Space Restrictions.
Freeware by Francis Little
Contents: .zip file with application and readme file
Notes: This program lets you Add/Change/Remove space restrictions on a volume for several users at the same time. Also, the source code is on Novell Forge.


ABC LanLicenser - Software Metering and License Tracking - Software metering saves you money by redeploying unused licenses.
Freeware by ABC Enterprise Systems, Inc.
Contents: .zip file with setup files
Notes: LanLicenser is the ideal complement to ZENworks to take ownership cost reduction one step further. By giving you complete visibility on actual software usage, LanLicenser enables you to purchase, install, upgrade and support the applications actually required by end-users to perform their business duties. This tighter adjustment of application portfolio to business needs will reduce the total ownership cost of your desktops dramatically. Please email to obtain a free 30-day evaluation key. The evaluation version is a fully-functional version.

List Address - List users' network addresses.
Freeware by Jim Schnitter
Contents: PERL script
Notes: This utility lists all the network workstations from which the user has logged in. The user's id, full name and the IP addresses of the workstations are all printed. The administrator has to specify a server that has LDAP running. In addition, a container must be set to query for users.

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